School Uniform

To Order Uniform

Our Uniform supplier is My Clothing.  Parents can order directly from the supplier via the following link

There is no obligation to purchase any uniform with a logo. Supermarket equivalents in the appropriate colours are equally acceptable.

The school encourages all children to wear school uniform as it:

  • gives the children a feeling of belonging to the school
  • is practical for all weather conditions and comfortable
  • is good value for money and means that children are not asking for expensive labeled sweatshirts, etc.

Details of our uniform requirements can be found here  School Uniform including PE Kit

All clothing and footwear should be clearly marked with your child’s name.


For health and safety reasons jewellery should not be worn, the only exception is a watch.  Children with pierced ears may wear studs but these must be removed for P.E., Games and Swimming.   If your child is unable to take out their own earrings, then they should be removed before the child comes to school on the days when they have P.E. or Swimming. We do not allow the taping over of earrings.